We Delivered A Campaign

Of Individuality, Compassion,

Eloquence, and Inspiration.

Community Collective commenced a fundraising partnership with UNICEF Australia in 2016 with the focus of connecting UNICEF Australia with willing and able regular giving champions throughout Western Australia. The success of the campaign exceeded all expectations and campaign KPIs such as donor volume, average gift and desired means of support ratios.

Subsequently, Community Collective expanded operational capacity in 2017 to deliver valuable regular giving donors from metropolitan and regional locations of Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia.

The continued partnership between UNICEF Australia and Community Collective utilises a wide range of fundraising channels including residential, private site locations, public exhibitions and street fundraising.

Together, UNICEF Australia and Community Collective will continue in shaping our vision of Australia as the most generous nation by 2020.


Face to Face Fundraising & Donor Acquisition


UNICEF Australia

What We Did

Residential Storytelling, Private Site Fundraisers, Public Exhibitions and Street Fundraising.