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About our services

Community Connect

We originally started as Australia’s premier fundraising and non-profit advisory agency. We still provide employment-based face-to-face and telecommunications fundraising teams as well as contract-based campaigns. Championing a best-practice approach, our fundraising advisory services extend to campaign and content development, risk mitigation strategies and agency-charity partnerships.

Each of our Community Connect sub services aim to grow charities through genuine and thoughtful donor acquisition and fundraising program development. We pride ourselves on developing intuitive and industry-leading solutions with a wide variety of applications. Take a look below for more details on our services.

Representing charities well requires a transparent and unified strategy that aligns brand values and vision.


Predictable Donor Acquisition

Stand Out Events

Telecommunication Campaigns

NFP Campaign Risk Mitigation

Strategic Sponsors & Agency Partnerships

Industry leading results

Fair employment model

Large and experienced team

Agency Partnerships

Every interaction should leave a positive impact.

Our expert-trained friendly team can conduct face to face promotions, surveys, and fundraising with the assurance that every conversation will be uplifting for the brand.

Scalable team in every major city.

We can provide campaigns right across Australia with small teams as well as large teams capable of reaching thousands of people a day.

Tailored programs for different community types

Every person is drawn to a charity or cause for different reasons some being more sensitive than others, which is why we adapt our campaigns approach to the most suitable approach for that charities community.

Transparent and straight forward management

Our clients are looking for quality donors and we allow our clients to monitor a campaign’s progress as it happens and provide tools to see the estimated value of a donor and provide quality assurance services to ensure that relationship between charity and donor is nourished and communicated well.

Donor Database

We gather in deoth information for our clients that help them to better understand and anticipate their donors.

Multiple Touchpoints

From the first meeting to monthly follow-ups, we can provide multi-touch communications with potential and current donors to update on any news or other information from the charity